The so called "VC Official Games"..

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The so called "VC Official Games"..

Post  DarthVader on Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:42 am

VC Official games ge namuga vc therey mi hingaa kulhi gandakee emeehun ec aathunna elhen vegen kulhey kulhi gandeh.. Mi kulhegen ekakah adhi adhah ekacheves libi fakaa ey neiy.. Lol.. rapidshare? my foot hahaha.. Rapidshare premium account eh ves noon dheveynee kee.. amaa dheveynee.. The secret behind why they make negotiations through PM is being exposed haha Razz lol! lol! Anyways, no one but a bunch off pissed off former ec and dbb members plays this.. Eventhough they play, they get nothing in return Razz Hahahaha.. Sinhoot kae gaya goru handan v nu?


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