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Post  DarthVader on Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:28 am is ACTUALLY side project forum of and which is under the management the infamous gay lords, SinHoot and Jinni.. Sinhoot and Jinni thinks they can hide their real identity lol.. no guys, not from us Wink Below is their real identities .. exposed!! Evil or Very Mad

V-lord in VC is actually FK Jinni from and
And Pope from VC is wannabe l33t h4x0r SinHoot, the admin of .. Razz adhives milhaa irc therey firihenunnah hiley bnc dhookurey, nude pics dhekkumun.. lol!

So mr.sinhoot and mr.jinni .. kae menge side project thiothee fail vefa Razz u can't fool anyone anymore.. you have been exposed by the great MVE.. hahaha.. adhives no.1 forum ey amaa fuyey kiyaa..

For a proof that is formd by admins and ppl frm .. check the theme of and look at both of the themes clearly.. both of em are almost same, just a few colors and a few css classes changed.. and ya the theme name..

Forums which currently gay sinhoot and sodu Jinni are running:
- [their side project lol..]
- - villingili ves hinganee sinhoot and jinni, and yah, also some sodu evilharkko.. kekeke


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Post  postmortem on Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:45 am

mashah hama hini gelehny mi fenifa

fuck ves veydhoo.. keehkuraanie tilha men jeheynee freeforum tah viyya hingan lolz

ekamu for u r kind info in not running by us.. aharemen dhanna baehves noon
thehakuru inna template aky solaris balhaa violentcircle iny acidtechblood foakeh ehenveema tilhaamen post kuraairu rangalhah source balaalachey dhen 5s fahetin fadaboalaa

ma hoadanbeynumee aa aadey villingili ah aessa tilha menge huri fenvareh dhakka.. villingili ah annan 3rf netyaa loan eh nagaagen aadey ma 3rf deefaanan


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